English Exam Announcement for Foreign Students



DATE: Thursday, February 23, 2023

TIME: 11.00—12.00


1. This test is only for students who passed the Prep School/Proficiency Exam and those who submitted an adequate TOEFL grade to be exempt from the Prep. School.

2. If you pass the ENGL1101 exemption test, you can skip English 1101 and go straight to an English 1102 class. (By passing this test you do not gain any credits to be included in your GPA.)

3. The ENGL1101 exam has 50 multiple choice questions and takes 60 minutes to complete.

4. The questions are based on the English 1101 course syllabus. The subjects include describing charts and graphs, paragraph organisation, paraphrasing, reading and summarising simple academic articles, discussions in English and academic vocabulary.

5. The exam will be carried out using Blackboard and Zoom. As soon as you are added to the class, please check the file with the instructions on Blackboard.

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